Because of Brest Maritime Festival, the marina du château will be closed for stopover from the 9 to the 18 of July.
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Places in the city centre of Brest

During a walk in the city center of Brest, you can admire many unusual monuments. The street of Siam itself is a nice demonstration. This completely pedestrian street will allow you to stroll between the numerous stores or to sit by one of the many fountains.

The fountains of Marta Pan

The fountains show the will of the municipality to embellish the city of Brest. Fountains made of black granite from South Africa are a good way to refresh oneself during good weather.

Door of the old Guépin barracks

As you continue your walk you may come across the door of the old barracks of Brest. This emblematic element of the Brest panorama represents the old city and a part of its history.

Commemorative stele

Located at the entrance to a large square that is pleasant for relaxing or playing with children, this stele commemorates the 29th american infantry division.

The Bazeilles Square

This pretty square will allow you to admire a panorama on the arsenal of Brest, nice new infrastructures will allow your children to play, and remains of the old Fautras barracks will let you imagine the old Brest.

The empathetic tree

Modern réalisation of the Brest infrastructure, this tree strewn with plants wants to bring back the nature in the city center.

Monument to the dead

A monument to the fallen that leads the way to place de la Liberté.

place de la Liberté

Updated to make it more accessible and warm, this place (which name literally means "Freedom square") will welcome you with pleasure to rest in a green space, or to have a meal in one of the restaurants around.

Kennedy garden

If you like skateboarding or just walking, this garden is perfect for you. With the inauguration of a brand new skate park this garden knows how to be updated and revitalise.

Maison de la Fontaine (Fountain House)

Come and discover one of the rare vestiges of the old Brest where exhibitions, meetings with artists and artistic residences are organized.

Cable car

Ideal if you want to cross the riverbank quickly, this cable car joins the two banks and will drop you off in the heart of the Capucins. Enjoy the breathtaking view during your trip.

Ateliers des Capucins

Located in a former military workshop that has been completely renovated, this building has kept the charm of the past with the machines still visible and large relaxation areas. Several small shops have been set up here, as well as a library, a café-restaurant and more recently a cinema. Its belvedere offers a breathtaking view of the Penfeld.

It is one of the must-see places in Brest.

Bridge of recouvrance

Overlooking the arsenal and the military port, it connects the bottom of the rue de Siam to the Recouvrance district. It also offers a beautiful view of the Brest arsenal.

Tanguy tower

Built in the 14th century on the banks of the Penfeld, the Tanguy Tower proudly faces the castle of Brest. Today, it houses dioramas by Brest artist Jim Sévellec, which will allow you to discover the great moments of the history of the city, and the daily life of its inhabitants.

Garden of explorers

Ideal for a short walk, this garden will allow you to stretch your legs while enjoying an exceptional view of the Penfeld and the harbor of Brest.

Saint-Malo street

Located below the plateau des Capucins in the Recouvrance district, the Saint-Malo street is the only trace of the old Brest.

The paved street runs alongside old traditional Breton houses dating from the 17th century, and a 19th century wash house. As for the Madeleine courtyard, it was home to the Refuge Royal which saw the so-called Belle Tamisier pass through its walls.

Today, the association Vivre La Rue offers cultural and musical events not to be missed.

Sadi Carnot shelter

The Sadi Carnot shelter is a place of memory of the Second World War, during which it was the main underground shelter.

Unfortunately, on the night of September 9th 1944, several hundred people from Brest were killed in an explosion. Today, the Sadi Carnot shelter is an exhibition space that will not leave you indifferent.

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