Because of Brest Maritime Festival, the marina du château will be closed for stopover from the 9 to the 18 of July.
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CLUPP’s role and representatives

Reminder of the legislative framework

The formation of a local committee of permanent port users (known as a CLUPP) is a regulatory provision of the Maritime Ports Code integrated into the Transport Code.

A CLUPP exists for each port, Moulin Blanc and Château.

All users of the ports with a rental contract of more than 6 months and who are up to date with their fees can register as a member of the CLUPP.

Registration must be made in writing to the manager (Brest’aim) who will keep the list up to date and make it available to their representatives. Users can register throughout the year.

The CLUPP is independent of any association and does not require any financial commitment.

Committee’s role

The CLUPP represents all port users.

It must elect its representatives from among its members (3 post holders and 3 deputies) who are elected for 5 years.

These representatives are invited to the Port Council convened by Brest Métropole for the Moulin Blanc port and by the Regional Council for the Château port.

Port Councils take place twice a year at the initiative of the licenser. The forecast and actual budgets, investments, operating regulations and tariffs are presented at these meetings. The activities of the commercial port are also on the agenda of the Port Council for the Marina du Château.

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CLUPP representatives (2021 elections)

For Moulin Blanc :

Post holders:

  • M. Hervé TOUTAIN
  • M. Olivier LE GOUIC
  • M. Hassan IDLLALENE

Deputies :

  • M. Alain CHOMARD
  • M. Jean-Jacques TANGUY
  • M. Jean-Pierre CLEC’H

For Château :

Post holders:

  • M. Bernard BRENNEUR
  • M. Georges TORILLEC


  • M. Jean-Claude LEON
  • M. Daniel MARCHADOUR
  • M. Thierry DAUBREGE

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