Because of Brest Maritime Festival, the marina du château will be closed for stopover from the 9 to the 18 of July.
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If you're lucky enough to be calling at at the tip of Brittany, be sure to visit the city of Brest, which will surprise you with art, culture and history to suit all tastes and ages. From the most famous to the most discreet, discover our selection of the must-see places in Brest.

Places to see in Brest city centre

Brest city centre can be reached on foot from the Marina du Château, or by bus from the Moulin Blanc harbour.

This makes it easy for yachtsmen calling at Brest to discover the heart of the city.

Brest Castle and the Marine Museum

Located just a few minutes' walk from the marina du Château, Brest Castle has survived 17 centuries and is a privileged witness to the city's history. It is the oldest monument in Brest.

The castle now houses the Marine Museum , which traces the history of the French navy and the Brest arsenal through 15 permanent and temporary exhibition rooms.

Ship models, navigation instruments, furniture and work of arts: the exhibits bear witness to the great maritime adventures.

Don't miss the room dedicated to the La Pérouse expedition, or the impressive room devoted to figureheads.

You can find all the information you need to make your visit a success on the Marine Museum website.

La Pam: an atypical place in a former printing company

La Pam is a third-party space located at 56 rue d'Aiguillon, near rue de Siam. It's a coworking space, a meeting place and a conference venue. But it's much more than that: it's a solidarity bookshop, a designer shop, an artists' studio, and more.

And there's good news for food lovers, too, because the print shop includes:

  • a small grocery shop
  • an organic bakery
  • three restaurants serving fresh local produce

But La Pam also remains true to its origins. Until 2018, it was a printing company, very well known to the people of Brest, which existed for just over 100 years. You'll find a space dedicated to the heritage of printing, with a fine collection of lithographic pieces.

For more information, visit La Pam website.

Rue de Siam

Rue de Siam is the heart of Brest city centre. It stretches from Place de la Liberté to Pont de Recouvrance. Here you'll find shops, restaurants and bars. The latter are mainly located at the bottom of the rue de Siam.

A stroll through the city centre will also give you the chance to discover Marta Pan's black granite fountains, the gateway to the Guépin barracks and the empathic tree in front of the Recouvrance bridge. From here, you can take the cable car to the Ateliers des Capucins, or take the bridge to visit the Tanguy Tower.

Must-see places in Brest, right bank

If you go across to the other side of the Penfeld, you'll discover some places in Brest that are well worth a visit. The little extra? They're free to visit and great fun for the whole family.

Les ateliers des Capucins

Don't miss Europe's largest covered public square in an unusual location.

The Capucins workshops were originally a convent. It was first converted into a hospital in the mid-18th century following an epidemic. In 1791, ownership of the building was transferred to the Navy, which converted it into barracks 10 years later. The convent was then demolished to make way for large workshops for the Navy. They remained in use until very recently.

In 2009, the Navy handed over the workshops to the city of Brest, which decided to turn them into a public space, playing a key role in the cultural and sporting life of Brest.

The Capucins workshops are home to :

  • 70.8, a museum for the ocean
  • The Emperor's canoe
  • A media library
  • A cinema
  • A climbing gym
  • Shops and restaurants
  • The Place des Machines, where you can rollerblade, skate or simply walk from machine to machine, witness to the activity of the Brest arsenal.

Rue de Saint-Malo

Located below the Plateau des Capucins in the Recouvrance district, Rue de Saint-Malo is one of the few remaining traces of Brest's old town.

The cobbled street runs alongside traditional 17th-century Breton houses and a 19th-century wash-house. The Cour de la Madeleine, meanwhile, was home to the Refuge Royal, where the woman known as La Belle Tamisier passed through its walls.

Today, the Vivre La Rue association offers cultural and musical events not to be missed.

Tanguy Tower

Next to the Recouvrance bridge, on the right bank opposite Brest castle, stands the proud Tanguy tower. Built in the 14th century, over the course of its history it has been occupied by the English, destroyed, rebuilt and renovated.

It is now home to a museum of the old town, with magnificent dioramas by Jim-E. Sévellec and a beautiful scenography for an immersive visit.

A special bonus: the 360° view of Brest from the top floor of the tower.

Must-see places in Brest: Marina du Moulin Blanc side

If you are calling at the Marina du Moulin Blanc, you'll have the chance to choose between two completely different locations.

Stang-Alar Valley

Near the Marina du Moulin Blanc is the Stang-Alar valley, a large nature reserve of around 40 hectares where you can enjoy a walk along the river that marks the border between the towns of Brest and Guipavas.

The site is home to the garden of the Brest National Botanical Conservatory, whose main mission is to preserve endangered wild plant species. With an impressive diversity of nearly 2,500 species, get ready for a real tour of the plant world!


A must-see in Brest: Océanopolis. Just a few minutes' walk from the visitors' pontoon, this major scientific culture centre dedicated to the ocean welcomes you all year round to the delight of young and old alike.

You'll discover three sections (Brittany, Tropical and Polar) with around fifty aquariums, including the shark tank, the seal tank and the minilab.

Allow at least three hours for your visit, and to avoid queuing at the entrance to the park, you can buy your tickets online.

Your visit to Brest's must-see locations is sure to be an exciting one, with activities to suit all ages. See you soon in Brest!

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