Record-making Port


Lined by an outstanding 18,000 hectare natural harbour, traditionally Brest has been a harbour from where great records start or finish: Many are today's great sailors to set off on their ocean adventures on board ultramodern boats whose leading edge materials and technology have often be developed by internationally recognized companies from Brest. A theatre for great nautical events, and land of scientific and maritime excellence, Brest is now the leading marina in Brittany, with 2,200 moorings divided among the “Château Marina” and “Moulin Blanc Marina”. It is also an important sailing centre in Brittany. 8,500 sailors set off on more than 60,000 sailing trips every year and take part in 108 days of racing.

Crew-manned round-the-world - Trophée Jules Verne

Bruno Peyron Explorer 1993 79 days 06h 15mn 10s
Peter Blake Enza 1994 74 days 22h 17mn 22s
Olivier de Kersauson Sport-Elec 1997 71 days  14h 18mn 08s
Bruno Peyron Orange 2002 64 days 08h 37mn 24s
Olivier de Kersauson Geronimo 2004 63 days 13h 59mn 46s
Bruno Peyron Orange II 2005 50 days 16h 20mn 04s
Franck Cammas Groupama 3 2010 48 days 07h 44mn 52s
Loïck Peyron Banque Populaire V 2012 45 days 13h 42mn 53s
Francis Joyon Idec Sport 2017 40 days 23h 30mn 30s

Masculine single-handed round-the-world

Philippe Monnet Kriter 1988 129 days 19h 17mn
Olivier de Kersauson Un autre regard 1988 125 days 19h 32mn
Francis Joyon Idec 2004 72 days 14h 03mn 49s
Francis Joyon Idec 2008 57 days 13h 36mn 06s
Thomas Coville Sodebo Ultim' 2016 49 days 03h 09mn 38s
François Gabart Macif 2017 42 days 16h 40mn 35s

Feminine single-handed round-the-world

Hélène Mac Arthur BQ/Castorama 2005 71 days 14h 18mn 33s

Single-handed round-the-world against winds and currents

Philippe Monnet Unet 2000 151 days 19h 54mn 36s
Jean-Luc Van Den Heede Adrien 2004 122 days 14h 03mn 49s

Crew-manned Atlantic crossing

Bruno Peyron Orange II 2006 4 days 08h 23mn 54s
Pascal Bidégorry Banque Populaire V 2009 3 days 15h 25mn 48s

Feminine single-handed Atlantic crossing

Florence Arthaud Pierre 1er 1990 9 days 22h 05mn

Masculine single-handed Atlantic crossing

Marc Pajot Elf-Aquitaine 1981 9 days 10h 06mn 34s
Francis Joyon Idec 2005 6 days 04h 01mn 37s
Thomas Coville Sodebo 2008 5 days 19h 30mn 40s
Francis Joyon Idec 2013 5 days 2h 56mn 10s
Francis Joyon Idec Sport 2017 5 days 2h 06mn 55s
Thomas Coville Sodebo Ultim' 2017 4 days 11h 10mn 24s

Crew-manned monohull Atlantic crossing

Bernard Stamm Armor Lux 2001 8 days 20h 55mn 35s

Single-handed Atlantic crossing on a 60 foot monohull

Bernard Stamm Armor Lux 2002 10 days 55mn 19s

Single-handed Atlantic crossing on a 40 foot monohull

Eric Defer Terralia 2002 11 days 11h 3mn 58s