City of Brest

Ville de Brest

Life in Brest and the surrounding towns is good. Here, the natural environment counters the effects of stress as you walk along a footpath and admire the moors in flower. The ocean climate is mild throughout the year and the tidal variations and changing light are a sight for sore eyes.

Walks along the coast

Vallon du Stang AlarYou have just crossed one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. You have enjoyed the variety of landscapes and landforms. Why not look at it from another perspective. From the city and surroundings, there are many lookout points giving you stunning views of Brest and its natural harbour – a myriad of landscapes. Follow the coastal trails and observe the Goulet de Brest (channel) from the top of the cliffs.

A few hundred metres from the marina, enjoy the surprising Stang Alar Botanical Conservatory.
Leave the coast and seashore and head further inland, on foot or by bike, where you can enjoy the many available trails. Learn about the flora and fauna, but also our historical heritage.


Sea trips

Crédits Photo : Fred le MouillourThe Rade de Brest can be enjoyed in different ways. Charter a boat from the marina and choose your cruise.

Neighbouring rivers

The Rade de Brest also has its rivers. There is the River Elorn leading to Landerneau and its inhabited bridge, the River Aulne as far as Châteaulin and running through Landévennec, Port Launay and then the Nantes to Brest Canal. However, there are also all those small deep inlets and coves around the Rade.