Because of Brest Maritime Festival, the marina du château will be closed for stopover from the 9 to the 18 of July.
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Accueil Ports Propres, ‘environmental excellence’ certification for marinas

Ports Propres, ‘environmental excellence’ certification for marinas

Highly concerned about protecting the natural environment and quality of coastal waters, Brest’s marinas are committed to limiting the environmental impacts of their practices in the Bay of Brest.

The European Ports Propres (clean harbours’) certification has been labelling marinas for their environmental management since 2011. The certification is specific to marinas and validates the actions taken by entire marina teams to limit the impacts of their activities. It reflects a strong desire on the part of marina managers to make concrete commitments to preserving aquatic environments and ensuring the sustainable development of coastal and marine activities.

In concrete terms, this means:

Trained, aware and committed staff who:

  • Understand how to support and advise boaters
  • Have thorough knowledge of the equipment and procedures to be used in the event of marine pollution (shipwrecks, flooding etc.)
  • Use eco-labelled products

Facilities adapted to the practices of leisure boaters:

  • A dedicated careening area in each marina and a careening slipway at the Moulin Blanc marina which collects and treats polluted water from work on boat hulls
  • Blue stations (one in each marina): wastewater and bilge water pumps
  • Many rubbish collection points: special waste collection points, voluntary drop-off points (recyclable bins, glass and household waste). Toilet blocks to avoid discharging grey water (washing-up, showers) or black water (toilets) in the ocean.

Many developments and several projects to improve the energy transition of marinas are being conducted to provide even more sustainable and responsible management of Brest’s marinas.

And because the environment is everyone’s business, WE ARE ALSO COUNTING ON YOU!

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