Welcome to Brest Marinas ! Please call by radio on channel 9 when entering the marinas.
IMPORTANT : Château Marina is closed for stopovers from the 28th of April to the 14th of May.
Les Marinas de Brest s'engagent pour l'environnement : elles sont certifiées Ports Propres " Actifs en biodiversité " - Plus d'informations
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Accueil Amicale des plaisanciers des Marinas de Brest - APMB (Brest boaters’ association)

Amicale des plaisanciers des Marinas de Brest - APMB (Brest boaters’ association)

APMB’s roles

  • Representing boaters with port authorities
  • Organising events of a nautical nature such as outings or cruises, marine flea markets
  • Offering courses to APMB members (engine and hull maintenance, weather, tides, map reading, use of GPS, CRR radio certification etc.)
  • Establishing and maintaining friendly relations with other associations and marine-based businesses
  • Bringing together, in a spirit of camaraderie, the users of Brest marinas’ port facilities

In addition, APMB ensures that the boaters elected to the port council are representative spokespeople for all boaters. APMB is in a position to be able to disseminate information quickly and thoroughly. It has more than 300 members.
APMB is a member of NEF (Finistère boating association) and UNAN (the national union for sailors’ associations). It is a partner of the Penn ar Créac'h Social Centre, the ‘Grand Cœur Marin’ voyages, the Grand Largue association and FNPPSF (France’s national federation of leisure and sports fishermen).

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