Because of Brest Maritime Festival, the marina du château will be closed for stopover from the 9 to the 18 of July.
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New: special absorbent sheets for yachting

The Brest marinas are committed to providing solutions to help protect the environment and prevent pollution. As part of this commitment, you can buy absorbent sheets suitable for pleasure boats at each harbour office, which can be placed around fuel tanks to limit fuel leaks. Find out more about the benefits of this reusable product.

Special absorbent sheets for yachting, for pollution-free refuelling

Absorbent sheets are ideal for pleasure boats.

They have a hole in the centre and should be placed around the fuel tank when refuelling.

They quickly absorb any small leaks, which not only protects the environment but also keeps the boat clean.

These absorbent sheets are reusable and can be stored in airtight containers between uses.

Price: €1 per sheet.

Pollution in marinas

The most common types of pollution found in marinas come directly from the activities of pleasure boaters. The main pollutants are black and grey water, and fuel. The Brest marinas therefore want to put in place solutions to help harbour users protect their environment.

Fuel stations in marinas are always sources of pollution, to varying degrees. Fuel leaks are frequent. Diesel spreads very quickly on the surface of the water and evaporates within 24 to 48 hours. Petrol, on the other hand, evaporates more quickly, but is more dangerous because of the high risk of explosion. Fuel spilt in the sea is also highly toxic for biodiversity.

There is no such thing as a zero risk of spillage, but Brest's marinas want to keep pollution within their harbours to a minimum. That's why they are putting absorbent sheets on sale this year.

The Brest marinas, which are certified as Clean and Active in Biodiversity Harbours, are carrying out a number of initiatives to protect the environment, including the installation of MéGO! ashtrays, collaboration with the Roscoff biological station and Le Cèdre, and training teams in ways of combating oil pollution. Absorbent sheets are the new thing to discover!

It's easy to get hold of the sorbent sheets: they're on sale at every port.

Need more information? Just get in touch!

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