Because of Brest Maritime Festival, the marina du château will be closed for stopover from the 9 to the 18 of July.
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The Olympic Flame in Brest

As an unmissable tradition, the torch relay plunges us into the history of the Olympic Games. The first torch of the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay will be lit on the 16 of April 2024 in the sanctuary of Olympia, Greece. From the Peloponnese, the Olympic Flame will travel to Athens, then board the Belem to cross the Mediterranean Sea. On 8 May 2024, in Marseille, the Olympic Flame will begin its epic journey in France.

The Flame will pass through Finistère on the 7 of June. This exceptional day for the department will also mark the departure of the flame to the rest of the world, as it leaves the harbour of Brest on its way to the French overseas departments.

For more information on the torch's route, click here.

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