Trimaran Sodebo à Brest

"Sodebo" back to Marina du Château

14/11/13 Le 12 Novembre, le skipper Thomas Coville, à bord du trimaran "Sodébo", a quitté la Marina du Château pour tenter de battre le record du tour du monde en...
Plaque en bronze de Olivier Kersauson

Brest, a record-making harbour

14/10/13 On 28 September, François Cuillandre paid tribute to the sailors who carried out sailing exploits by beating records either starting from or finishing in Brest.

ISO 14001

16/09/13 In the context of the procedures required for ISO 14001 certification of all the Brest’aim facilities, the two marinas were audited on 5 September 2013.

Moulin Blanc Renovation Work

20/06/13 From 2011, renovation work on the sailing area is in progress. The south dock pontoons and the G, H, and I pontoons of the north dock have been completely renovated.

Blue Flag

19/06/13 The Moulin Blanc Marina was awarded the “Blue Flag” for the 23rd consecutive year.