Moulin Blanc Marina celebrates music with the Pianocean Project

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Pianocéan, a sailing piano

Moulin Blanc Marina offers a unique show with Pianocéan. From the Wednesday 21st to the Sunday 25th of June, Moulin Blanc Marina and Le Tour du Monde pub organize an unprecedented musical entertainment on the quay.

Pianocéan makes a long stop at Brest

From Wednesday 21st of June to the end of the week, Moulin Blanc Marina celebrates music along with Marieke Huysmans-Berthou and her sailing piano. She is a sailor, a pianist and an author-composer and she sails around the world from harbour to harbour onboard her sailing boat Lady Flow, a Freedom 40, to give shows. Through an original system, the piano can be moved from the rear cabin, when sailing, to the deck, when giving shows. Then the boat becomes a stage, the quay welcomes the audience and the Marina turns out to be a great auditorium. Pianocéan is an artistic and humanist project led by Marieke's piano and voice. Every stops she makes feeds her artistic universe as a singer and she records an album each time she comes back from tour. She is the ambassador of a free, living international culture shared beyond the oceans and she aims to make a round-the-world journey to discover the cultural wealth and heritage.  

5 days to discover this sailing piano

Marieke and her sailing boat will stay in Brest from the Wednesday 21st to the Sundau 25th of June. There will be each night 2 free musical shows between 6pm and 8pm on the Moulin Blanc Marina quay.

  • Free musical entertainment.
  • From the 21st to the 25th of June - 6pm to 8pm.
  • Moulin Blanc Marina - Down the Tour du Monde.